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Simon, Herbert A., "Grappling With the Hard Problems: The Uses of Reason in Human Affairs":Jacob Marschak

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1982 年在史坦福大學的講座*
在網路可以聽到第3講 "社會事務的理性過程" 前46分鐘的錄音檔

The Harry Camp Memorial Fund was established in 1956 by friends and associates of Harry Camp. A prominent businessman and philanthropist in San Francisco, Camp was described as a "gentle and wise humanitarian." The fund brings outstanding speakers to the University for public lectures and promotes the study of "the concept of the dignity and the worth of the individual." The Camp Lectures are presented every other year.

  • 1983. Reason in Human Affairs, Stanford University Press. A readable 115pp. book on human decision-making and information processing, based on lectures he gave at Stanford in 1982. A popular presentation of his technical work.

林鍾沂譯 《人類事務的理性》台北:森大,1988 (本文稱為林譯本)
汪永祺先生也有一份翻譯稿,約1999交給我。 (手稿本稱為汪譯本)
...certainly the hopes we hold out for reason in our world today are much more modest. (p.3 全書第一段) 
(這是說,當今我們不會像18世紀理性時代的人,認為只要靠理性用心去思考,就可以解決世間萬事。)  今天我們對理性所抱的希望,確定遠比前人的來得謙遜得多。

林譯本:......。無庸置疑的,今天在這個世界上支持理性的熱望可謂相當的普遍。 (頁 一)
汪譯本:......;但時至今日,我們對唯理是從的堅持倒確然本分得多了。 (我看了幾遍才知道"唯理是從"加引號比較清楚。)

hc:Herbert A.  Simon 不是思想史家。 譬如說, "以理智來解決一切事情" 是法國首相-主教利西留 (Richelieu )的圖書管理員納德 (Gabriel Naude 1600-53) 的座右銘。

同樣第一講後頭談到羅馬時期詩人 Lucretius 的{物性論} 的原子,當然要將作者當哲人,而非科學家看待。

To the Memory of

Jacob Marschak,

who had an unshakeable faith in
human reason, and unmatched
store of human warmth.


Models of My Life - Page 104 - Google Books Result

Herbert A. Simon - 1996 - ‎Biography & Autobiography
Among these good friends, both those who are now gone and those who are still alive, the two of whom I think most often are Jascha Marschak and Tjalling ...

Solow: So your main guide was Jascha Marschak
Modigliani: Jascha Marschak was my mentor. We studied Keynes and the General Theory in classes with ...

The Cowles Commission in Chicago, 1939–1955: 1939 - 1955

Clifford Hildreth - 1986 - ‎Business & Economics

A number of the European refugee scholars then living in New York had formed a seminar on mathematical economics and econometrics within the framework of the National Bureau of Economic Research; the leader was Jacob Marschak, then a professor at the New School for Social Research

Knowing Jacob (or JaschaMarschak even briefly quickly revealed that any kind of group in which he was included would have to be a lively group. Fortunately ...
Jascha Marschak, who had been my teacher at Yale and who had moved to UCLA

"隨機"這種昔日"概率論"的名詞,近年開始出現,2016年 ALFA-GO 又來湊熱鬧,不過,它的"智慧"是"人工的"而已。
看Herb Simon 1983年的"人類事務的理性",想做一專題。他生前,跟他談過921大地震,那時的社會事務中有""隨機殺人"嗎?有的,1995年的Oklahoma City bombing.....只不過,那是錯綜複雜的大國的事,而台北,只是一小城市.....

To the Memory of
Jacob Marschak,
who had an unshakeable faith in
human reason, and unmatched
store of human warmth.

The architect of modern science—Sir Isaac Newton—died on March 31st 1727. He left behind a voluminous trove of papers, yet the Newton that emerges from these manuscripts is far from a rational practitioner of cold and pure reason

Isaac Newton died on this day in 1727

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Jacob Marschak

Jacob Marschak was a Ukrainian-American economist, known as "the Father of Econometrics". Wikipedia
BornJuly 23, 1898, Kiev, Ukraine
Notable studentsLeonid HurwiczFranco ModiglianiHarry Markowitz

 Since he could not become a full professor because of his Jewish origin, he emigrated again to England, where he went to Oxford to teach at the Oxford Institute of Statistics, which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, allowing him to emigrate in 1940 to the United States. After teaching at the New School for Social Research, in 1943 he went to University of Chicago, where he led the Cowles Commission. He followed the Commission's move to Yale University, then became emeritus at UCLA.
In 1972 he co-founded Team Theory with Roy Radner.
Marschak was fluent in approximately one dozen languages.